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    Telrock Integrates with BillingTree to Lower Costs and Increase Collections

    Phoenix, Ariz. – July 12, 2019 Telrock, a global technology provider of SaaS based solutions for enterprise-wide collections, recovery and digital channel customer engagement, is now integrated with Payrazr, the leading payment technology platform from BillingTree. Payrazr is now integrated with two Telrock products: Optimus, an enterprise-class integrated collections and recovery platform with digital channel engagement capabilities, and SmartCollect, an intelligent self-serve collections portal with digital channel messaging.

    Telrock integrated these industry leading products with the BillingTree Payrazr payment solution suite through the Telrock SmartConnect Platform that enables easy and quick integration between Telrock’s solutions and leading service providers such as BillingTree. By leveraging this robust “integration hub”, Telrock can offer its customers a convenient, flexible and all-encompassing collections platform, giving customers the freedom to concentrate on their business operations—leaving the Payrazr platform to process day-to-day payments performed through a wide variety of channels.

    “This integration will help both BillingTree and Telrock to create a much better payment experience,” said Rob Fite, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing. “Our clients will get a seamless process between Optimus, our collection software platform, and with Payrazr, for a better and more efficient experience when the end-user remits payments, regardless of the channels.”

    Telrock is a global provider of modern, more intelligent software solutions that improve customer contact, engagement, and collections management. They focus on new, innovative solutions conceived and delivered by a team with a wealth of unparalleled experience in the collections industry.

    “Payment technology is essential to driving revenue in the accounts receivable management industry and people are constantly on the lookout for convenient, flexible and simplified methods to accept payments,” said Jason Hiland, Vice President of Sales at BillingTree. “This integration highlights the ambition of Telrock, and we are thrilled to be on board. Our payment technology provides automated, convenient and compliant payment channels that put both collections agencies and consumers in control, while helping both BillingTree and partners like Telrock grow.”


    About Telrock

    Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and London, England, Telrock is a global technology provider of SaaS based solutions for enterprise-wide collections and recovery, and digital channel customer engagement. Our clients include major banks, other credit providers, and business process outsource companies in North America and Europe. All solutions are SaaS based, built on highly scalable modern, open-source technologies and are deployed in secure, PCI compliant data centers. Visit


    About BillingTree

    Whether you’re looking to setup recurring payments on a collection plan, accept multiple payment options for a healthcare practice or simply want to keep more of your accounts receivable, BillingTree can help you grow. With the most robust payment technologies in the industry and fanatical customer support, we can make it easier for your customers to pay you, and in turn help you boost the overall customer experience. Visit or call 877.4.BILLTREE.


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