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    Modern cloud-native collections software - delivered as a SaaS solution - that drives more collection agility, control, customer engagement, and overall performance.

    Reinventing Collections Technology.

    Optimizing Results.

    In order to meet today’s highly demanding environment, organizations need to move beyond their restricted technology to a smarter, more encompassing software system for collections and recovery.

    A software platform that’s intuitive, flexible, easy to use, and quick to deploy. A platform developed specifically for collection markets.

    A system that provides a broad and rich set of capabilities designed to manage an ever-growing level of collection complexity and sophistication.

    Built new from the ground up, using modern technologies and intelligent designs, leveraging Telrock's unparalleled industry experience and development expertise. Supports consumer products across all stages of delinquency and bad debt for creditors, debt collections agencies, and business process outsourcing providers.

    That's Optimus by Telrock Systems.
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    Green Time Icon | Telrock Key Features
    • True 24 x 7, real-time, native cloud SaaS solution
    • SOC 2 and PCI DSS compliant
    • Intelligent and intuitive collector workbench
    • Omni-channel collections management and embedded digital messaging capabilities
    • Consumer self-serve collections portal
    • Easy to use, 'no-code’ system integration tools designed for use by a business analyst
    • Robust system of record and agency management capabilities
    • Centralized business rules engine
    • Data access for insightful analysis and detailed tracking/auditing
    • Extensible database schema without reliance on your IT organization
    Green Circle Icon | Telrock Key Values
    • Simplifies and de-risks the two most complex, costly and time-consuming aspects of a new system deployment: integration & conversion
    • Capable of being deployed to meet a specific need or as a single, end-to-end collection & recovery solution means lower overall cost of technology ownership and more flexibility in redeploying resources (1 system to learn)
    • Configure and deploy new strategies and business rules without traditional vendor and/or internal IT support
    • Complete audit trail of strategies executed and collections actions taken making evidencing compliance simpler
    • Utilize multi-channel digital capabilities, enhancing your customer satisfaction by providing more options to engage
    • Streamline onboarding of new collectors via scripting, which also facilitates regulatory compliance

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