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    Modern cloud-based collections software - delivered as a SaaS solution - that drives more collection agility, control, customer engagement, and overall performance.

    Reinventing Collections Technology.

    Optimizing Results.

    In order to meet today’s highly demanding environment, organizations need to move beyond their restricted technology to a smarter, more encompassing recovery management software platform for collections. One that is more intuitive, adaptable, easy to use, and enables a better experience for users and customers alike. A platform developed from the ground up, based on new technologies and modern designs. A system that provides a broad and rich set of capabilities that are designed to manage an ever-growing level of collection complexity and sophistication.

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    Key benefits
    Green Clock Icon | Telrock Increased collection rates
    Smart collector workbench features and functions for increased collector productivity and effectiveness. Embedded digital channel communications and tightly integrated consumer self-serve portal. Drives more agent-less payments and provides more consumer empowerment with flexible payment plans and contact channel preferences.
    Green Money Bag Icon | Telrock Lower operational costs
    Highly efficient cloud-based platform lowers overall collections cost by minimizing IT support and computing costs. Extensive system-wide automation capabilities drive increased processing efficiency to collect the same or more accounts with less human resources.
    Green Circle Icon | Telrock Better user experience
    Intuitive user interface designed by collectors for collectors that’s easy to use and requires fewer clicks per account. Provides an optimized display of all the right customer information for each collection situation, along with automated ‘next best action’ and embedded scripting tools for increased agent guidance.
    Optimus feature shape 01

    Improved Collections

    • Intelligent and intuitive collector workbench
    • Embedded digital channel messaging capabilities
    • Robust management, compliance tools and extensible database
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    Increased Efficiency, Control and Automation

    • Powerful, centralized rules and strategy engine for omni-channel collections
    • Highly configurable predeveloped workflows and processes
    • Real-time processing, informative reporting, detailed tracking
    Optimus feature shape 03

    More Value

    • Enterprise-wide collections for any type of consumer product or service
    • End-to-end integrated collections & recovery
    • Affordable pay-as-you-go pricing model

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