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Telrock Partners with Afni to Deliver the Next Generation of Digital Customer Experience

Telrock has announced a strategic and operational partnership with Afni, a consumer collections agency that develops and provides customer engagement solutions to businesses. The partnership brings together expertise from both companies to change how brands proactively interact with customers using digital channels.  

“The partnership with Telrock will accelerate our digital customer experience solutions and enable our clients to proactively interact with their customers using 2-way SMS and other channels of their choice,” said Afni Executive Director of Digital Engagement Jeff Hobbs. “We see an accelerating shift in customer preferences toward convenience and frictionless experiences with brands, and we are eager to help bring these advanced interactions to fruition.”

Powered by Telrock’s technology and Afni’s customer contact centre operations, the partnership helps Afni offer its clients digital engagement solutions that provide consistent, personalized interactions at the times and channels most convenient to customers. At the forefront of the partnership is a two-way SMS customer interaction solution that gives customers the ability to interact or reply whenever and wherever is most convenient.

Today, businesses want more efficiency and effectiveness, while their customers want more contact channel choices and a better overall customer experience, according to Rob Fite, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing for Telrock. 

“Telrock’s digital channel customer engagement platform, combined with Afni’s other customer contact capabilities, gives businesses and their customers more of what they really want,” Fite said.

With Telrock, Afni’s customer contact centre solutions now include automated event-based digital channel customer engagement. By leveraging Telrock’s rules-based two-way messaging, Afni can provide automated responses to customer text messages in real time. 

The end result is faster and more consistent customer service. In addition, the integration of Telrock’s solutions into Afni’s contact centre operations infrastructure means a customer can also digitally engage with a live representative anytime for further assistance, as the situation dictates.

“More people than ever before prefer to communicate with companies using digital channels that allow them the benefit of responding back on their own time,” said Hobbs. “Our partnership with Telrock empowers us to communicate with customers in the digital space. Using two-way texting and automated intelligent responses, we can start conversations that help companies connect with people contextually, and create customer delight.”

About Afni

Afni is a U.S.-based global contact centre company representing the world’s best brands in insurance, telecommunications, satellite and cable, and healthcare. The Company’s contact centre agents engage in meaningful conversations with clients’ customers over the internet, apps, phone, email, and web chat. Afni is a 2013-2017 Training magazine Top 125 Award winner and strong community partner supporting local organizations. Connect with Afni Corporate on the web at afni.comor by email at

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