Eradicates laborious Customer service interactions enabling Customers to manage their account without waiting for Agent assistance. Key Features include; Integrated Workflow and Decision Engine Capabilities, Event Alerts, Account Requests, Cards Activation, Alerts & Payments, Credit Line Management, Offers Opt-in, Disputes Management, Travel Management, General Correspondence

Business Benefits

Forge Better Relationships

– Improve customer experience; make the process of managing the account simple
– Reputational benefits to your brand, be seen as an innovator
– 24/7 reaction times and real-time engagement through the channel your customer prefers
– Keep Customers up to date on important events on their account

Operational Cost Reduction

– Automate customer interaction and reduce the need for call centre staff to engage with customers
– Increase operational capacity

Product Features


Event Alerts

Push messages to Customers based on real-time events, such as reaching a balance threshold, a transaction over a specified amount, or fraud avoidance events, such as the new Bank Card has been dispatched, or that the Customers personal details have been changed


Account Requests

Allows Customers to request account information such as recent transactions or their available balance. This interaction can lead on to the option of requesting to increase a Credit Line. Telrock’s keyword service is used for example the Customer can send in “BAL” or “send me balance”

General Correspondence

The ability to configure and send general digital correspondence via SMS and Email. This service can be used to run campaigns for general marketing, welcome letters or transactional information

Alerts & Payments

SMS alerts are sent as payments fall due, the Customer can reply to the SMS to immediately authorise payment on their account. Once the Customer sends the SMS requesting to make payment, SmartService debits the amount from the payment account stored in the Telrock Payment Wallet


Credit Line Management

Based on eligibility, multi-channel notifications are triggered to alert Customers they have the option of increasing their Credit Line. Once the Customer replies through the appropriate channel e.g. SMS, SmartService updates the credit line on the appropriate system and notifies the Customer immediately of their new available balance to spend

Offers Opt-in

Based on eligibility, offer notifications sent to Customers such as a discount at a specific merchant. Once the Customer replies through the appropriate channel e.g. SMS, SmartService updates the flag on the Cards processing when the appropriate discount will be applied when spend is completed with the Merchant