Integration options & standard capabilities

Integration with SmartCollect.  SmartCollect is an intelligent Customer payment management portal, designed for consumer collections, with integral digital messaging capabilities that can send and receive SMS and Email to drive customers to pay their bills. Additionally, customers can setup secure payment wallets, make promises to pay, set up payment plans, and complete Income and Expenditure derived affordability assessments.  All this is governed by Client specific configuration and rules.

SmartCollect is designed to work with data from Host systems.  Typical Host systems are Collections, CRM, Billing systems. SmartCollect needs data for three main operations;

  • to authenticate and contact the customer,
  • to understand the status and amount due on account,
  • understand any data required to apply rules or get rules on what payment options are available to each customer.

SmartCollect provides Activity data on all Events that occur at a customer Account level. Activity data are all the events that happen in SmartCollect, sending any messages, delivery or not of that message, customers interacting with the portal, and payments made, successful or non-successful. By design, there are many events, and all events are recorded and available.

To integrate with SmartCollect, there are API’s and Batch files interfaces, for both data input and data extraction . The batch files are JSON format, and the API’s are RESTful web services. A successful integration could be either API or Batch – and mix-and-match both the use of API’s and Batch. For Batch files, custom formats are available, and the effort to provide these custom formats would be dependent on how easily the JSON format can be converted to the Client required format. Practically, we run the JSON file through a format conversion process.

API Wheel

API Wheel

The API’s are deployed as part of the Client install, and detailed API documentation is available at  By design, there are frequent additions to this API in each release, however we will retain backward compatibility to all previously published API’s. SmartCollect is built as an Angular application, meaning that everything that is available in the Customer, Agent or Admin web portals is available as via the REST API. This means it is possible to integrate the UI into other portals.

Batch Data Interfaces

Batch interfaces is a common pragmatic method to integrate with Host systems.   A one off “placement” file from the Host system is sent to initially populate SmartCollect with the population of customer data and to initiate messaging campaigns. Then at regular intervals an “update file” of changes in the customer data is provided by the Host system. The out-of-the-box format for these files is JSON.

Batch Connectivity

The standard file transfer method is to collect and drop files with the Host system via SFTP. Optionally, SmartCollect can also provide an SFTP site for Host systems to push and collect files or a VPN can also be setup between Telrock and the Host system.

REST API Interface

SmartCollect has a large API set that permits all the operations that can be achieved by Batch integration. Practically this means in the API request to process a customer account record, the necessary details are populated in that API request.

Connectivity is HTTPS over the internet. Access can be secured to nominated IP addresses if defined as part of the setup.

Project Approach

As part of the setup, the Client will be asked to complete connectivity forms (e.g. IP’s, SFTP site details, operational contact information) and similar details. Login credentials to SmartCollect will be supplied to the Client.

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