Through a combination of data from the mobile device and a mobile first omni-channel strategy, SmartProtect prevents and detects Fraud, lowers operational costs and improves Customer experience. Key features include; Integrated Workflow and Decision Engine Capabilities, Omni-Channel Strategy, Mobile Device Confirm, Mobile Device Block, SIM Swap, One Time Passwords (OTP), Realtime Queues, Keyword Matching, Response Configuration

Business Benefits

Prevent and Reduce Fraud

– With real-time queue management and multi-channel, alert Customers quickly and get to Fraud faster
– Through one time passwords for mobile based two-factor authentication, secure your high risk transactions
– Make it easier for Customers to report fraud though mobile and digital channels increasing Customer response times

Reduce Operational Overheads

– Substantially reduce outbound calling by Agents to investigate potential fraud
– Reduce inbound by enabling Customers to report Fraud through mobile and digital channels

Improve Customer Experience

– Enable Customers to report fraud without navigating through a IVR call menu
– Let Customers travelling overseas confirm genuine or fraud without making an expensive overseas call
– Through discreet messaging, allow Customers to unblock their card immediatley, lessening embarrassing situations


Omni-Channel Strategy

We drive real-time Email, SMS, Mobile App Notifications strategy whilst ensuring your Fraud Investigators can see the entire digital interactions journey

Mobile Device Confirm

Customers immediately confirm transactions are genuine by replying to an SMS, their account is not blocked and they can make the purchase without speaking with an Agent

Mobile Device Block

SmartProtect sends alerts to Customers of potential Fraud, Customers can place an instant block on their account from the mobile i.e. replying to an SMS


One Time Passwords (OTP)

Secure the setup of a new online banking payee, or card registration onto Apple Pay. This is done by SmartProtect sending one time pins to the mobile device

Brands & Languages

Configure multiple Brands, Languages through the SmartProtect Client Administration Console


Smart Response

The Customer SMS message “Hi block my account, I did not make the transactions” will be automatically processed by SmartProtect and a block placed on the account within seconds to prevent further fraud


Message Content Management

Manage messaging content and dynamic data elements across brands, products, and functional areas


Realtime Queues

Configure contact strategies based on your priority fraud queues and transaction status. Queues are received real time by SmartProtect from market leading fraud management systems

Response Configuration

Configure the real-time action SmartProtect should take on your back-office systems based the response received from the Customer