Provides 24/7 self-service, mobile first design, digital collections & recoveries. System capabilities include; integrated workflow and decision engine capabilities, omni-channel strategy, customer identification, product driven customer level collections, income & expenditure assessment, payment plans and payment wallet

Control over conduct risk

– UK: Help meet the FCA’s Treating Customers Fairly initiative
– US: Help address TCPA legislation around prior express consent for mobile telephone contact
– Complete control of customer messaging and alignment to the risk appetite of the organisation
– 100% compliant all of the time, customers only receive messages approved at configuration
– Each customer will receive treatment that is applicable to them as an individual
– More robust ID&V or Knowledge Based Authentication with each customer
– Full history of all customer communication with time stamps

Forge Better Customer Relationships

– Improve customer experience; make the process of setting up a plan less stressful and embarrassing
– Reputational benefits to your brand, be seen as an innovator and treating customers fairly
– 24/7 reaction times and real-time engagement through the channel your customer prefers
– Bespoke offers, customers experiences configured according to rules and provided data
– Don’t put your customer through an embarrassing process with a stranger in the contact centre

Provisioning benefits

– Reduction in capital provisioning charges, through an increase in customer contacts
– Reduction in roll rates through the processing volume increases at month end (self-service)

Reduce Costs

– Automate customer interaction and reduce the need for call centre staff to engage with customers
– Increase operational capacity
– Lower operational costs increases the competitiveness on debt purchase

Efficiency gains

– Understand the reason for arrears and your customer’s affordability to help find a suitable, affordable and sustainable solution
– Increased focus can be placed on more complex accounts where human contact is required
– Engage with your customers faster
– Customer interaction 24/7
– No capacity constraints

Consumer behaviour has changed; your business must change too. This means when approaching a customer to recover a missed payment, you must to so in line with their communication preferences. By choosing not to adapt, you risk losing market share and may face an unsustainable business model.



Customer Level Collections

The SmartCollect data model follows a customer and account level structure allowing for a many to many customer to account relationship. This means customers can manage all collections accounts in one session

Income & Expenditure Assessment

SmartCollect’s personalised disposable income calculator will help customers establish the right plan that’s within their budget without embarrassment or waiting for contact agent assistance to become available


Payment Plans

Self-serve plans 24/7; options include, pay all now, future dated payments (PTP), variable amount and fixed amount installment plans. Customers can work out the most appropriate plan by completing the income & expenditure assessment

Mobile First Design, Any Device Web Portal

SmartCollect offers a mobile first design front-end, with an intuitive design that responds to popular mobile device types all the way up to desktop internet devices. We use Angular technology to achieve the best experience


Keyword Matching

This understands the inbound customer SMS “Hi I can pay 50 today” and processes the payment. We have developed this feature to enable customers to interact with the system naturally and to reduce the number of errors

Omni-Channel Conversations

We drive your Email, SMS and any device web interaction strategy, whilst ensuring your collectors can see the digital journey across all channels


Integrated Workflows

SmartCollect is shipped with pre-configured integrated workflows that enable best practice customer engagement across channels and functions of the product


Decision Engine

Business rules and a decision engine are at the heart of SmartCollect, enabling important aspects such as the right messages are sent in the correct language and tone, through to offering optimal plans and local payment options

Payment Wallet

A PCI secure component so customers can enter and store multiple payment methods. Your host system can request payment through the use of tokens, removing the need for your business to store sensitive card data