Unlike most solutions available today, the Optimus solution is built from the ground up using latest technologies for deployment in the private cloud and comes ready to launch with configurable strategies, workflow, compliance oversight and reporting across the entire collections and recovery lifecycle from early first party collections through to third party agency management. Optimus provides fully integrated omni-channel consumer engagement capabilities including mobile web self-serve consumer portal with integrated payment wallet and payment/promise capabilities, 2 Way SMS and email channels to reduce call center costs, improve collection rates and mitigate process compliance risk.

Faster and less costly Deployment

·         Designed and developed for lower cost deployment in the private cloud – ours or yours

·         Delivered ready to parameterize across the full collections and recovery lifecycle

·         Less consulting and implementation expense

·         Quicker realization of solution benefits

Integrated Digital Communications capabilities with ‘mobile first’ any-device web

·         Client branded Integrated consumer self-serve portal for payments, promises, opt-ins

·         Two way SMS and email message content, rules and audit

·         Optimize Call Center productivity and reduce operating expense by consumer self-serve and digital engagement

Functionally rich UI built in AngularJS for ‘Google Speed’ efficiency

·         Dynamic and highly responsive role-based  UI optimizes agent performance – no more clumsy screen navigation

·         Suite of real-time visual tools to optimize collector performance

·         Powerful Supervisor/Manager performance oversight tools

State of the art strategy and workflow definition and management with BPMN2.0 and Activiti

·         Create strategies and workflow with bi-directional graphical tool

·         Facilitates strategy control, audit trail and champion/challenger execution

·         ‘Crystal Ball’ feature permits impact modelling of strategy changes, volume fluctuations and business environment variables

Highly flexible organizational hierarchy, agent workstation and work-queue management

·         Flexible and secure security model to control data and work across highly diversified first party and third party entity structures

·         Enables third party entities such as contingency collection agencies to work on client system – advanced oversight

·         Flexible work-queue management tools to optimize operational performance

Fully integrated Collections and Recovery solution

·         Early to late stage Collections

·         Integrated Agency Management, Bankruptcy and other special treatment handling with improved compliance tools

·         System of record for payment apportionment, ‘shadow’ balances, interest accrual, fees, costs and charges

Superior Design

Optimus is designed to efficiently and effectively manage a complete spectrum of collections and recovery use cases. Click on one of the following components to see further details.

Treatment strategy definition

Optimus utilizes industry standard BPMN2.0Activiti and Drools in bi-directional graphical treatment strategy definition and execution. The graphical interface simplifies the definition of treatment strategies with workflow standard visual components and accurately deploys them into testing and productions environments. Optimus can generate a graphical representation of workflow usage and metrics at the enterprise level and individual account level. This feature supports improved strategy design and maintenance, audit and champion/challenger optimization. Clients are able to model the impact of strategy changes on processing and outcome volumes and model the impact of volume fluctuations and business environment variables on resource needs and costs

Client organization hierarchy, agent workstation & queue management

Optimus permits the creation of organizational hierarchies that replicate any client enterprise including a security model that addresses corporations, regions/sub-regions, branches/operation centers and integral third-parties. Optimus utilizes modern AngularJS to create a highly flexible role-based user interface that optimizes presentation and user efficacy based on account, debtor and process characteristics. The use of AngularJS enables the provision of real-time graphical performance and work-queue indices to track and optimize agent performance, monitor for regulatory compliance, audit third party SLA adherence and other important KPI’s.

Digital engagement strategies

85% of all customer service interactions will be automated by 2020 – Gartner. Optimus comes fully integrated with a digital engagement content and execution component that defines email and SMS content, messaging rules management with integral or client SMS aggregator integration, email services provider integration and payment systems provider integration. A client branded and definable consumer ‘any device’ self-serve portal enables clients to securely offer consumers self-serve options including opt-in for SMS and other notifications and initiate secure ‘webchat’ with client collector agent for assistance. Consumers can conduct their own income, expenditure and disposable income assessment via dynamic rules-driven web forms, securely create and update payment wallet information and make payments and/or promises to pay in accordance with client defined rules. The ability to deploy digital engagement strategies and offer self-serve facilities enables clients to optimize call center resources and engage with more consumers.

Agency management & compliance oversight

The world of outsourced debt collection is changing rapidly. Lenders and their collection agency partners need to evolve and adapt to ever changing and demanding regulatory oversight and the blurring of the lines of regulatory accountability between the treatment of first party and third party debt. Lenders are obligated to exercise considerably more oversight over their agency partners and traditional approaches may no longer be enough. Optimus enables lender clients to seamlessly allocate work to their agency partners who in turn can work allocated accounts on the same collections platform as their first party lender client. Through the use of integral graphical and other monitoring tools, lenders have real-time oversight and management capabilities to identify agency performance, adherence to service level standards and adherence to compliance rules.

System of Record (SOR) for charged off debt

Optimus is designed to manage all aspects of necessary ‘recoveries’ functionality in a single integrated application including bankruptcy/Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVR) and other specialist processing requirements, payment apportionment, record of transactional history, computation of interest, fees, charges, ‘shadow accounting’ for bankruptcy, IVR or other arrangements and to operate if required as the system of record.