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Target Group and Telrock Systems announce partnership

London, July 2018 – Target Group Limited (, the business process outsourcing and operational transformation provider and Telrock Systems Limited (, a leading global provider of modern SaaS-based technology solutions in the...

Why an API is not enough with SMS messaging.

What we do is add a Banking standard service wrap and Enterprise functionality wrap around SMS gateways. That’s it in 10 words. We do other stuff, but core to our Products is “Communications Engine” – something we have been developing constantly and running in production with millions of messages for over 10 years.

Brexit and Telrock’s EU regulatory environment

Broadly, the UK and EU regulatory environment impacts Telrock two ways; directly due to the nature of our Operations, and on our Product. What does Brexit mean to Telrock? Very little at a Product or Operational level - Telrock operates in EU countries so Telrock will...

Monitoring at Telrock – our 9 principles.

Having an alert advising something is broken without people and processes in place to react and properly manage the issue behind the alert – is worthless. Telrock have invested significant time and effort into the design and implementation of its tools and processes around Monitoring.

What we have learned since we created SmartCollect

First a staggering 88% of all people who login to the portal make a payment plan or attempt to make some sort of payment! I think this shows the usability and intuitiveness of the portal but also speaks to people’s propensity to use online methods to repay. Personally, this comes as no great surprise to me as we live more and more of our lives online from banking to hotel booking, from gaming to dating. There is also the anonymity factor – it’s much less intrusive to deal with an arrears issue by logging into a portal compared with having to speak to someone over the phone

Promotion Expiry and Borrowing Prompt alerts

UKCA remedies to FCA concerns FCA Concerns in the Credit Card market. UK Credit  card firms need to implement Promotional Expiry alerts by Jan 2018, and Close to Credit limit prompts by July 2018. The FCA launched a market study into credit cards November 2014. The...

How the humble SMS was the Start of Banking Uberisation. Wow.

It all started with SMS, 3rd Dec 1992, 25 years ago.

Yuppies bought brick phones for a couple of years in the 90’s, then Nokia made affordable phones and after that was the start of the mass take up of SMS, everyone got a mobile phone. Then people started paying for ringtones and premium SMS, and we realised that phones weren’t only about speaking, and we would pay for stuff on our phones. Then Steve Jobs made a phone that could run apps (Nokia and J2ME was like the Betamax video format). App Stores became billion dollar businesses. Carriers, Vodafone, Sprint became billion dollar businesses.

Irrelevance Is A Choice

Letters cost an average of $1 each; text messaging costs pennies. Emails can typically take up to three days for consumers to read; texts are read almost immediately. Two-way text messaging has a 45 percent response rate compared to email’s 6 percent response rate.

When consumers respond to text messages, 80 percent of the time it happens within 90 seconds. Texting is the most frequently used feature on a smart phone with 97 percent of Americans texting at least once a day.

Smarter Collections Software Capabilities Is The Key

“New and improved” technology is touted as the solution to the collection industry’s growing complexity. But just as endless “improvements” overhyped in consumer products lead to consumer distrust, technologysolution claims deserve a similar skeptical reaction.

Consumers and collectors alike would benefit from taking a step back and surveying the broader product field. Do you want a stale product with minor upgrades? Or are you ready for transformational items? Can you discern the difference?

Call Centres are dead

Technology advances are quietly changing the face of the Collections industry and there are significant implications for organisations that don’t keep up with consumer demand and recognise the potential both financially and operationally. Customer Service as it stands...

U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015 – 97% Use Text Messaging

Why would anyone want to interact with their bank through text? For one reason: Texting is easy. It’s familiar. According to a recent study by Pew Research Center, text messaging is the most widely used smartphone feature, accessed by roughly 97 percent of users. READ...

Forget about the mobile internet

For as long as the idea of the ‘mobile internet’ has been around, we’ve thought of it as a cut-down subset of the ‘real’ Internet. Benedict Evans suggests it’s time to invert that – to think about mobile as the real internet and the desktop as the limited, cut-down...

The Future of UI Design? Old-School Text Messages

We text back and forth, even when a phone call would be faster. Or think about the latest advent in the world of customer service: the live chat session. It’s perfectly suited for simple queries that otherwise would have to find their way through the impregnable...

Omnichannel as a Strategy

"Omni" means "all" or "everything," and it seems to be a good descriptor for the expectations of the modern digital consumer. Today, customers want everything, and they want it all now READ...