We had a choice a couple of years ago, Angular or React. At the time, things weren’t so certain, we could have gone either way. At the time it felt like we were choosing a religion, talking the Google pill or the Facebook pill. Two years on, new development we do in Angular4 and we are very glad and happy we went down the Angular path.

We like the framework guidelines of Angular, it gives consistency that you need in a large team, working with a large code base. We think React is not as strict and so unless you have a small or very disciplined team, the code can become difficult to maintain.

We love the documentation, it’s in-depth, easy to follow and is frequently updated.  We found React.io documentation complicated to understand, but we know there is a learning curve with Angular.

The Angular community is huge in Gitter and Stack Overflow, and really helpful, (never had replies to just ‘Read the Manual’)

We find the testing tools great- easy to test code using Karma, Jasmine, Protractor and Testbed.  We hugely value stability and aim for zero defects, so we invest heavily in testing.

We like Typescript, we like finding errors earlier, we find JSX messy.

Ok so we do like the Reactive principles, and we get that with NGRX using RXJS.

We prefer Angular’s Observables to Promises – as async events are easy to cancel during execution, which cannot be done with promises.

We like it that routing is built into the core (unlike React), we like Angular’s Material2 for easy layout, styling, animation and we like the easy way we can utilise Webworkers.

In summary, two years on, we think we made the right decision going down the Angular path.

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