Telrock Systems announces the availability of Telrock Account Servicing 5.0 (TAS) Mobile First, Digital Engagement Platform; comprising of its new Product module, SmartCollect.

TAS is a market leading Software as a Service (SaaS) Digital Engagement platform that provides major banks, other FSO’s, utility companies and specialist players in the consumer credit market with a highly flexible, enterprise wide, scalable platform to execute mobile first, digital engagement strategies for Customer service. TAS 5.0 offers an ever broadening suite of Any Device Web Front End, Smart Interactive Messaging, including Email, SMS, AppPush and Interactive Voice solutions across the entire customer lifecycle. Use cases include:-

• Marketing, Card Activation and Retention messages
• ApplePay Activation – code provisioning
• Bank Card Activation
• Event Based Alerts
• Credit Line Increase/Decrease
• Payment Due Alerts & Reply to Pay SMS
• Offers Opt-in
• Balance Enquiry
• One Time Password Transmission
• Interactive Fraud Alert Messaging
• SIMSWAP Verification
• Collections Messaging

SmartCollect is an enhanced functional module developed to deliver optimum digital engagement functionality to collections organizations, that significantly reduces call center cost, improves contact and payment rates and enables reduced process/regulatory risk through systemic rules-based control of messaging. Lenders are able to direct segments of their overdue portfolios to rules-based self-serve strategies, thus reaching more consumers. The SmartCollect module incorporates a 24x7x365 consumer self-service web portal with integrated secure payments that enables consumers to make a payment or set up an installment plan to clear arrears, set up multiple payment sources in a secure PCI certified digital wallet. In addition, Customers can assess and disclose their income, expenditure and disposable income in support of establishing the correct payment offers and opt-in to future communications. Delivered as an integrated module to the TAS platform, SmartCollect provides a SaaS based comprehensive digital collections solution that can be integrated to any lender loan/card servicing platform or collection workflow platform.

About Telrock: Through a mobile first digital engagement platform, Telrock transforms Customer service experiences, ensuring every interaction is intuitive and efficient. The Telrock TAS platform is quick to deploy, secure and works across the enterprise. Telrock has been innovating mobile first customer engagement for global FTSE corporations across 3 continents for over 10 years. For more information, visit, call us in the UK on +44 (0) 207 183 1573, in the USA on +1-678-638-6411 or inquire via

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